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Sustainable Health's web-based Sustainable Health Questionnaire (SHQ) is designed for use at the individual and population health levels. It assesses how an individual's lifestyle and socio-behavioral ecology impacts their health, and is designed to align available resources in their local community to assist them reduce their health risks. We believe links health care (including health promotion) is best delivered locally. Aggregating lifestyle and socio-behavioral data enables user communities to quantify their organization's needs to improve population health, and the SHQ was uniquely designed to link the primary care physicans (PCPs) to medical networks, employers and/or community-based groups.

We also provide consulting services to help physicians and organizations to implement lifestyle and ecological assessments as well as community-based interventions in a sustainable business model. In most cases, the challenge is not that there are no local resources nor lack of desire to implement them, it's that stakeholders are stuck in their own silo the prevailing view is that health care costs are a zero-sum game. Our leadership has some 50 years of total experience in working with individuals and organizations on these issues, and we can help your stakeholders break down the walls and engage in a sustainable collaboration, where everyone wins.

Consulting Services

Our needs assessment and discovery services can help guide you in setting up a program that combines workforce health with primary care lifestyle intervention services.

We have extensive experience in providing lifestyle intervention in chronic disease management, and can help your practice staff develop their skills and own program.

Many practices and businesses beginning a venture in health promotion find that they have a need to do preparatory work with internal and community stakeholders to figure out how to optimally collaborate on...

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Providing wellness and health promotion services is not as straightforward as disease care services, and many practices want guidance and support for how to best imbed these services in their operations.


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Web Tools

Subscriber to our low-cost SHQ need a setup and orientation. The system is easy to learn, and ongoing technological support is included in our inexpensive subscription ($3000/physician).

We help you...

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The SHQ questionnaire measures lifestyle-based risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, providing scores for diet, exercise, stress and tobacco, and calculates overall lifestyle risk as well as Framingham...

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Software Apps

Our new system organizes health ecology data in a relational database. The items come from the National Institutes of Health project on Grid Enabled Measures. The design of our patient's report page allows health...

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