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Sustainable Health's cloud-based TrueNorth is designed to help you and your patients work together to improve their health and well-being.

• Health Risk Assessment - diet, physical activity, physical inactivity, stress and emotional well-being, sleep, substance use

• Social Determinants of Health Assessment - 11 domains

Security, Food Security, Financial Security, Transportation, General Well-Being, Health-Related Quality-of-Life, Activities of Daily Living, Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, Social Support, Community Support,  Emotional Centeredness

• Additional Assessments - physical functioning, anxiety (GAD-7), depression (PHQ-9)

• Health Coaching Tools - readiness to change, goal-setting, new habits, customizeable handouts, messaging

• Data-logging from almost all wearables and internet-connected scales (Apple Health Kit, Google Fit, Fitbit)

• Community Resource Connections

• Population Analytics

• Patient-oriented, device-responsive app-like interface for patients

• Designed by clinicians to match your workflow

Our technology serves you, rather than making you feel like you serve the software. 

We have over 100 years of experience in helping organizations, large and small, meet their unique needs. Send us an email or give us a call, and we’ll set up a free discovery session to see how we might help you!

Consulting Services

Our needs assessment and discovery services can help guide you in setting up a program that combines workforce health with primary care lifestyle intervention services.

Matching workforce health programs...

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We have extensive experience in providing lifestyle intervention in chronic disease management, and can help your practice staff implement your program through our web-based tools.

We have lots of experience facilitating discussions between internal practice or business staff and community...

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You probably have a decent idea of what you want to do. But with decades of experience in wellness and health promotion...

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Web Tools

Our system cloud-based and is easy to learn, so you can rapidly have your program up and running. 

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We provide several questionnaires, but our main tool (called the SHQ) measures lifestyle-based risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, providing scores for diet, exercise, stress and tobacco, and calculates...

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Our new system organizes health ecology data in a relational database consistent with the Grid Enabled Measures from the National Institutes of Health. 

We also provide secure video meeting capability...

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