Sustainable Health Questionnaire (SHQ)

We provide several questionnaires, but our main tool (called the SHQ) measures lifestyle-based risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, providing scores for diet, exercise, stress and tobacco, and calculates overall lifestyle risk as well as 10-year Framingham Formula score and an ASCVD score from the American College of Cardiology / American Heart Association.

We also have questionnaires to shine a light on:

Social determinants of health - to assess barriers and deficiencies in people's environment

Physical functioning - to assess for inability to be physically active and perform activities of daily living

Depression and anxiety - we use the PHQ-9 and GAD-7

and more!

We use questionnaire items from the CDC, WHO and others in the public domain in order to keep our quality high and your costs low. The scoring system behind the SHQ was devised by a team led by Dr. Bill Haskell at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, based on over 100 years of collective expertise in population health and disease prevention. Since 2010, the SHQ has been used by the Cornell Program for Healthy Living, Cornell University's premier health plan for endowed employees and their families.

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