Our Stances

Positions we hold to be very strongly supported by scientific evidence.

How Much Exercise Do People Need To Do For Health?

This post outlines the physical activity recommendations for all adults from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Neuromuscular Relaxation for Stress Management

Many people feel that they have limited ability to cope with the challenges of life. With practice, there are many ways to reduce how stress affects your life, and progressive neuromuscular relaxation is an excellent stress-coping tool. It combines intentional relaxation of the muscles with diaphragmatic breathing to reduce tension.

Try our shoulder shrug relaxation routine, and you may be surprised how just a 5 minute exercise can improve your day.

What Cuisines Are Best For Health?

Many people want to know what diet they should consume. Registered dietitians are often a little averse to the recommending the nicknamed diets, or even using the word "diet", preferring to emphasize the concept of nutrition.

And, of course, there are hundreds of "fad diets" that typically go through a waxing and waning popularity, often to be reborn years or decades later under a new nickname.

Are there general diet patterns that have been scientificalily tested and proven? YES!!