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Of Apple Watches and Dreams

This week, Apple announced their forthcoming watch. I'm skeptical that this new wearable tool will be the 'next big thing' in health, in part because of the pricetag - $349 and a new iPhone 6 (a minimum of another $200 and a 2-year contract with AT&T). A couple of colleagues rebutted me on the price tag issue, noting that lots of lower middle-class and poor folks have what one might call fancy stuff - smartphones and flat-screen TVs (aren’t TVs almost all flat screens now?). One of these colleagues is African-American and does research among urban poor.

Health Ecology as the Actual Cause of Chronic Disease and Mortality

A recent headline in the Times of London (England) stated, “One in Three Now at Risk as Diabetes Levels Soar”. One public health official quoted in the article said "If a doctor sits you down and says 'If you carry on they way you are going, I believe within two years you will have diabetes, or heart disease, or cancer,' you will get people to sit up and take notice”. Take notice? Maybe.

On Lifestyle and Paths

From time-to-time, our blogs will discuss life’s paths, whether the discussion is about managing a health care practice or mentoring a patient. In today’s era of ‘big data’ it is common to graph associations and relationships that form health status, but under-appreciate the role of external forces and events that created the path to a particular health status.