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SHS Joins the True Health Initiative

Sustainable Health Systems is proud to announce that our president, Geoffrey E. Moore, MD FACSM, has been named to the Council of Directors for the global voice for lifestyle as medicine, the True Health Initiative (THI). This is a growing coalition of more than 360 world experts representing 35 countries. It is an unprecedented assembly that includes physicians, university Deans, former Surgeon Generals, Olympic athletes, chefs, environmental professionals and a diverse group of nutritionists.

Physical Functioning and Preserving Quality-of-Life

One day while I was rounding in the hospital, a physician described her patient as having “the dwindles”. That wasn’t a medical term I’d encountered, nor have I heard others use it since, but I adopted the notion. In pediatrics, failure to thrive describes children who are not developing adequately. In adults, we don't compare growth and functioning from one visit to the next, failure to thrive is often missed until the patient has become frail.

Exercise as Medicine

As senior editor, I'm proud to announce that the American College of Sports Medicine has published the fourth edition of ACSM’s Exercise Management for Persons With Chronic Diseases and Disabilities. Informally known to my fellow editors and contributors as CDD4, this edition is a substantial revision that forges the role of exercise in tomorrow’s health care systems.

Annual Wellness Visits - Pro vs Con

The New England Journal of Medicine recently ran a Pro -vs- Con op-ed debate on the merits of well-patient visits in primary care. Like other such discussions, wellness visits were conflated with physical exams, the operative words are wellness and physical exam, not annual. Wellness visits and physicals are 2 completely different things, different processes, different goals, and thus it is unreasonable (if not a completely misguided use of the research literature) to address them as one entity.


Annual Wellness Visits

Dr. Fred Grabo

Today I went to the calling hours for a family friend, who was a physician to my family as well as to me when I was an adolescent, and who was also a fellow sailor with whom we all spent many happy days. Dr. Frederick Harrison Grabo was 87.