SHS Joins the True Health Initiative

Sustainable Health Systems is proud to announce that our president, Geoffrey E. Moore, MD FACSM, has been named to the Council of Directors for the global voice for lifestyle as medicine, the True Health Initiative (THI). This is a growing coalition of more than 360 world experts representing 35 countries. It is an unprecedented assembly that includes physicians, university Deans, former Surgeon Generals, Olympic athletes, chefs, environmental professionals and a diverse group of nutritionists. Together we offer clarity over confusion and support the foundational principles of healthy eating and healthy living.

Decades of published research support six core lifestyle principles that most effectively add years to lives, and life to years.
1) A diet comprised mostly of minimally processed, generally plant-predominant foods in time-honored, balanced combinations (e.g., traditional diets of certain Mediterranean populations, certain Asian populations, etc.);
2) Routine physical activity at moderate intensity, frequency and duration;
3) The avoidance of toxins, particularly tobacco and excess alcohol;
4) Sleep adequate in both quantity and quality;
5) The effective mitigation of psychological stress;
6) The cultivation of meaningful, supportive relationships and strong social bonds.

• There is massive, global consensus among leading experts about the fundamentals of healthy, sustainable eating and its effects on chronic conditions
• The consensus is based on the overall scientific evidence, not any one study
• The prevailing view of experts worldwide does not change every time a new study is published; the consensus of experts is informed by the relevant science as it accumulates
• The same basic dietary pattern (theme) most reliably associated with human health benefit is ALSO reliably associated with benefit to the planet, in measures from sustainability to biodiversity

The goal of the True Health Initiative is to overcome the pseudo-discord and pseudo-confusion, and convey to the public that real experts around the world agree far more than they disagree, and overwhelmingly agree about the evidence-based fundamentals of healthy, sustainable eating/living.

People who are convinced of the value of the True Health Initiative should join as members, and/or support the THI with tax-deductible donations or look to us as THE authoritative source on the key principles of healthy sustainable eating/living.  Visit

From Sustainable Health System's founding, in 2009, our cloud-based software has used algorithms developed by our mentor, William L. Haskell, and public domain questionnaires to help our clients and users follow the goals articulated by the True Health Initiative. We are very proud to join this prestigious group and help bring our expertise - particularly in the area of exercise in chronic disease - to THI's Council of Directors.