Practice / Network AdministratorsDrive value-based care

Health status and outcomes have more to do with a patient’s environment and behavior, than the care provided by physicians. Our tools help you better understand what drives your population’s health status and develop organizational strategies to improve health outcomes.

Health care reform is moving your practice and network towards value-based care, to bring buyers either lower costs for the same care, or more for their money. 

How is your practice going to deliver? 

We know that 85% of health outcomes are determined by environmental and behavioral health ecology. So if you’re going to drive good outcomes, health ecology cannot be ignored or an add-on.

  • Start by measuring health ecology in an Annual Wellness Visit
  • Use our SHQ risk assessment tool to collect health ecology data
  • Engage your local resources that can address modifiable risks
  • The SHQ aligns community resources to patient risks by health plan (or your preferred vendor).

Assessing and intervening is most crucial for persons who have cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions, diabetes, obesity and related metabolic conditions, as well as neuromuscular conditions and disabilities that lead to high cardiometabolic risk. 

  • Physical activity
  • Tobacco
  • Nutrition
  • Stress
  • Personal behaviors
  • Safety

Designed by a physician and medical office users, our system helps your office be productive and efficient in the wellness process.

Our system also allows you to imbed your local community resources, by health plan or by your own preferred vendors. 

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Start addressing health ecology today. You’ll be glad you did!