Health MentorsUnite the team with your gifts

Our tools put you in position to bring wellness to health care teams! Annual Wellness Visits are now mandated in all health plans. Primary care physicians can use your help coordinating these visits and providing wellness solutions. Revenues from these visits can turn your services into a covered benefit. Seize this opportunity to contract with providers and health networks.

Nutritionists, exercise physiologists, stress-management counselors, social workers - you all know that a huge number of people need to benefit from your expertise and guidance.  

Are you getting your chance as the go-to resource you trained to be? Or do you spend time sitting on the sidelines thinking:

Put me in, coach!!

One shortcoming with America’s health care teams is that they rarely call a play that capitalizes on the gifts you bring to the team, even though 85% of health care problems are more squarely in your area of expertise.

But you can make up your own “special teams” unit, and sell your services to health care networks. In effect, you can head up and coordinate a lifestyle medicine consult service, and charge the network for your services. Here are X business models that you can sell to physicians and health networks.


  • Coordinate wellness services for primary care physicians:
  • Use our HIPAA-compliant online tools to schedule Annual Wellness Visits
  • Administer our SHQ risk assessment to gather behavioral and environmental data
  • Imbed your services as a referral resource in report pages
  • Be the answer point-person for your docs
  • Primary care docs can pay you out of revenues from the Annual Wellness Visits


  • Contract with local employers to provide wellness services:
  • Deliver services through the employee’s primary care clinic, as described above.
  • No need for telephonic wellness / health coaching from far, far away. 
  • You and your team provide it locally, knowing the employiis community. 

We have the experience and web tools to help you get started, coordinating and selling your services to your local health care networks. 

Contact us and we’ll set you up with a 60-day free trial. You’ll be glad you did!