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Employees are your most valuable asset, so wellness is essential for morale, productivity and your organization’s vitality. Your health plan covers Annual Wellness Visits by your employee’s primary care doctor. Are you taking advantage of that to promote workforce health?

The Affordable Care Act mandates that all health plans, including yours, cover an Annual Wellness Visit with a primary care physician. To your employee, this is a no copay / no deductible visit. 

Medicare has done this since 2012, including a health risk assessment as part of the Annual Wellness Visit.  

Why not make optimal use of Annual Wellness Visits, since they’re a part of your health plan? Here’s how:

  • Negotiate with the primary care providers in your area to do annual wellness visits with your employees
  • Have them use our SHQ risk assessment tool as part of the visit
  • Imbed your benefits (gym discounts, EAP services, etc.) as resources in the SHQ

You provide the health benefit resources, like you are now Let primary care doctors recommend which resources each employee should use

The Cornell Program for Healthy Living (CPHL) is a collaboration between Cornell University’s human resources office, Cornell’s Wellness staff, primary care providers that serve the community, as well as community-based resources such as nutritionists, local gyms and EAP vendors. 

Compared to a PPO plan that has identical benefits except for these prevention visits, CPHL has seen much slower cost growth (3% vs 15%). In fact, in each of the first 5 years, even though spending on prevention in CPHL is about twice the PPO (about 10% vs 5% of total spend), the PMPY costs are the same within the very same year

More study needs to clarify how CPHL outperforms the PPO, but shouldn’t you take a look at this health plan design?

Contact us and we’ll provide you with a plan of action for your company and community.