Using the SHQ - Tutorial

This slide show explains how to use the SHQ in your practice. It covers the basic operations, showing how to operationalize the SHQ in Annual Wellness Visits. The use in care management visits is similar process, the main difference being how the...

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Why Use the SHQ?

This short slide presentation explains how you can use the SHQ in your practice.

What is Workforce Health All About?

Workforce health programs have been part of the corporate landscape for decades. While initial efforts were largely focused on executive leadership with specific health risks, these programs have since evolved to include entire workforce...

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Personal Ecology as a Determinant of Lifestyle Choices

This graphic does a very good job outlining the relationship between behavior and the clinical risks and endpoints that are so prevalent in our disease care system. While I applaud the display of this connection in one of our leading clinical...

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Personal Ecology in Accountable Care Outcomes

Two days ago, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published the first of two reports on the role of social and behavioral factors as determinants of health, and advocated for the inclusion of social and behavioral items in the electronic medical...

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Exercise as a Medicine?

Being a physician-physiologist and lifelong sports and recreation enthusiast, it's not surprising that I'm an advocate of exercise as the most important medicine. But if we're going to think of exercise as a medicine, then we must...

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Tear Down the Health Care Silos

A few weeks ago, I was with a group of my colleagues in Washington, D.C., representing the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and seeking support for a bill to fund the U.S. Physical Activity Guidelines. For the last 2 years, ACSM has...

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